Obesity Empowerment Network is Recruiting Patient Advocates

The Obesity Empowerment Network (OEN) is a UK registered charity dedicated to improving the lives of people affected by overweight and obesity. Their mission is to increase the awareness of obesity as a serious medical condition and advocate for a nationwide prevention and treatment strategy to eliminate weight-bias and discrimination. The OEN is supported by a diverse grouping of world leading experts, healthcare professionals as well as people living with obesity and carers, and wants to call on members to assist with the recruitment of patient advocates across the United Kingdom. The OEN is aiming to recruit patient advocates across the United Kingdom and needs help to achieve this.

Please visit Obesity Empowerment Network – ‘Nothing about us without us’ (oen.org.uk) if you would like additional information and you think you could help with the recruitment of patient advocates to work collaboratively with professional organisations, policy-makers, health-care providers, commissioners, researchers and industry to ensure that the patient voice is represented and decisions are made for patients with patients.

Target Audience
Patients and people suffering from obesity