Previous Winners

UKCO 2023 Queen's University, Belfast

Prevention and Treatment Award
Overview of a Tier 3 integrated adult weight management pathway supporting pre-bariatric weight loss and its impact on improving patient’s nutritional intake and psychological well-being Dr Ranjana Babber, More Life (Ltd), UK

3-Minute Thesis Winner
Do appetitive traits impact success in tier three weight management services? Stacey Boardman, University of Leeds

Best ECR Poster
Understanding the family food cultures, experiences and behaviours of families with varying levels of food security: a cross-sectional study. Dr Alice Kininmonth, University College London

ASO Honorary Fellowship
Ken Clare

Ken Clare Award for Excellence in Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement with Obesity Research
Integrating and evaluating PPI within a co-development project to design the novel weight-management intervention 'AIM2Change', both for and with young people. Dr Elanor Hinton, University Of Bristol

Best Public Health Abstract
Weight management experiences among people living with and beyond colorectal, breast or prostate cancer: A cross-sectional survey Associate Professor Rebecca Beeken, University of Leeds

The best Public Health Abstract (based on abstract submissions) was judged by the Public Health Agency for Northern Ireland and ASO-UKCO Scientific Committee.

UKCO 2022 Lancaster University

Prevention and Treatment Award
SWiM COVID (SWiM-C) Study. Dr Amy Ahern, University of Cambridge.

3-Minute Thesis Winner
The impact of combined nutritional-behavioural tele-counselling and supervised exercise intervention on weight loss and health outcomes following bariatric surgery (BARI-LIFESTYLE): a single-blind, parallel-group, randomised controlled trial. Dr Friedrich Jassil, University College London.

Best Poster Winner
Development and initial evaluation of a weight management programme tailored for people with serious mental illness: a non-randomised feasibility study with qualitative interviews. Charlotte Lee, University of Oxford.

Early Career Network Presentation Award
How children interpret and internalise public health messages around weight and healthy eating. Dr Florence Sheen, University College London.

UKCO 2019 Leeds University

ASO 'New to Research' Best Abstract
Exploring engagement with the food provisioning in areas of deprivation: Findings from three ethnographic case studies. Anna Isaacs, University of London.

Best Poster Abstract
Takeaway food outlets around secondary schools in the UK: using different methods for evaluating the takeaway food environment. Ayyoub Taher, University of Leeds.

Best Practice Award
Redesigning a Tier 3 Weight Management Service through the use of a mobile application. Rhodri King, Musgrove Park Hospital.

Honorary Fellowship
Professor John Blundell, University of Leeds.

UKCO 2018 Newcastle University

Best Oral Abstract
Investigating the association between pregnancy following bariatric surgery and adverse perinatal outcomes: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Zainab Akhter, Institute of Health & Society, Newcastle University.

Best Poster Abstract
Does food reward increase or decrease during weight management? A systematic review. Pauline Oustric, University of Leeds.

Best Practice Award
The Spire Southampton 'The Weigh Ahead' Service. Faye Keefe, Spire Hospital Southampton.

FUSE Award - Best Abstract in Public Health
Developing a co-designed intervention for young adults, supporting healthier eating and safer alcohol use, to reduce risks associated with obesity and risky drinking. Cassey Muir, Newcastle University.

UKCO 2017 University of South Wales

ASO Honorary Fellowship Award
Awarded to Professor Susan Jebb for her significant contribution to ASO and to obesity research and its application to policy and practice.

Best Oral Abstract
Post-surgical cliff after bariatric surgery: Accounts of patients and their health care practitioners. Sandra Jumbe, Queen Mary University of London.

Best Poster Abstract
Association between type of grandparent care and childhood obesity - baseline data from the Chirpy Dragon trial. Bai Li, University of Birmingham.

Best Practice Award
The Bariatric Consultancy providing 4 healthy weight and why weight programmes. Janet Biglari and Sevim Mustafa, The Bariatric Consultancy.

UKCO 2016 Nottingham (Sutton Bonington)

Best Oral Abstract 
Emotional over- and under-eating in early childhood are learned not inherited. Moritz Herle, University College London.

Best Poster Abstract
Does a weight management programme promoting satiation and satiety lead to greater appetite control, weight loss, improved health and weight loss experience compared to a calorie restrictive programme? The SWIPS trial. Nicola Buckland, University of Leeds.

Best Practice Award
Weigh Forward Specialist Weight Management Service. Dr Helen Moffat, University of Leeds.

UKCO 2015 Glasgow

Best Oral Abstract 
The effects of partial sleep deprivation on energy intake: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Ms Haya Al Khatib, Kings College London.

Best Poster Abstract
Socio-economic deprivation predicts engagement in a community-based weight loss programme. Tom Steele, University of Liverpool.

Best Practice Award
Fakenham Weight Management Service and the Norfolk Obesity Network. Dr Carly Hughes.

UKCO 2014 Birmingham

Best Oral Abstract 
Does a high sugar dietary pattern in childhood lead to increased adiposity in adolescence? David John, PHD. MRC Human Nutrition Research, Cambridge.

Best Poster Abstract
Does the presence of brand equity characters on food packaging affect the taste preferences and choices of children? Lauren McGale, Liverpool University.

Best Practice Award
Central London Community Health Specialist Weight Management Service. Lucy Turnbull, Central London Community Healthcare. Best practice award winner 2014.

ECO 2011 Bursary Sponsored by Weightwatchers
Mark Jones ECO-2011-Bursary-report.

Best Practice Awards
2011. A randomised controlled trial to compare a range of commercial or primary care led weight reduction programmes with a minimal intervention control for weight loss in obesity: the Lighten Up trial. Professor Paul Aveyard, Oxford University  2011-Best-Practice-Award-Abstract-for-web.

2010. The effects of intermittent or continuous energy restriction on weight loss and metabolic disease risk markers: a randomised trial in young overweight women. Dr Michelle Harvie, Wythenshawe Hospital, Manchester  2010-Best-Practice-Award-Submission-For-Web

Obesity and Cardiovascular Health Award
2011. Apple-shaped or pear-shaped, it's partly down to your genes. Dr Cecilia Lindgren, University of Oxford  Obesity-and-Cardiovascular-Health-Award-2011
2010. The function of epicardial fat in CAD and non-CAD patients and the signaling pathways that may lead to an
inflammatory response. Dr Philip McTiernan, Warwick University  2010-Obesity-and-Cardiovascular-Health-Award-Winning-Submission-for-web

Young Achiever Award
2012. Playing a computer game during lunch affects fullness, memory for lunch, and later snack intake. Rose Oldham-Cooper, University of Bristol  2012-Winner-Rose-Oldham-Cooper
2010. Development of a food environment classification tool. Dr Amelia Lake, University of Newcastle 2010-Young-Achiever-Award-Winning-Submission-for-Web