Our Mission

The ASO aims to develop an understanding of obesity through the pursuit of excellence in research and education, the facilitation of contact between individuals and organisations, and the promotion of action to prevent and treat obesity. Donate to the ASO.

ASO Objectives 

  • Promote the professional awareness of obesity and its impact on health
  • Educate and disseminate recent research on the causes, consequences, treatment, and prevention of obesity
  • Provide opinion leadership on obesity in the UK
  • Enhance understanding of the prevention and treatment of obesity throughout the UK
  • Improve the quality of obesity education throughout the UK
  • Forge links between individuals and organisations concerned with the study of obesity throughout the UK
  • Support the role of patient and public involvement in obesity research
  • Connect active researchers and practitioners from diverse disciplines who contribute to the development of a UK perspective on obesity.
  • Provide appropriate input on the UK perspective at a European and international level through EASO and WOF

ASO position on weight bias and stigma

The ASO does not believe there is a place for weight bias and is committed to reducing negative attitudes towards people with overweight or obesity in all settings. Please read the full ASO position paper on weight bias and stigma.