Centres for Obesity Management

The ASO has established a network of Centres for Obesity Management (Adult COMs) aimed at strengthening and advancing the evidence base, improving practice and influencing policy for the management of obesity in adults within the UK. The ASO organises a meeting each year to disseminate knowledge and facilitate networking between accredited COMs. Each accredited centre is invited to attend.

The ASO UK Adult COM network includes members working within Tier 2, Tier 3 and Tier 4 adult obesity services delivered across a range of NHS and non NHS settings.  Each service is involved in working towards improving the management of adults with obesity.

All weight management services with a multi-disciplinary approach (including two of the following: dietician, psychologist/therapist and obesity specialist nurse) with access to other supportive services will be considered when applying.

The following criteria will be used:

  1. A multidisciplinary approach
  2. Must have a dietitian
  3. Must have a link to a clinician when required
  4. Need to have other members including any of the following: psychologist, therapist, obesity specialist nurses
  5. Need to have access to supporting services that deal with obesity complications when required
  6. Need to attempt to collect data to audit performance
  7. The COM needs to be responsible for CPD of its staff.
  8. Desirable: Certification such as SCOPE or the new EASO certification.

The network has the following aims:.

  • Implement state-of-the art evidence-based care for patients with obesity
  • Facilitate communication and networking between ASO’s clinical practitioners, researchers, policy-makers and industry with the aim to improve the management of obesity
  • Promote multidisciplinary research collaborations and research projects
  • Deliver clinical education as part of a multi-disciplinary approach to obesity management in the form of workshops at the UKCO and annual national training courses
  • Contribute to consultations, practice guidance and position statements on key UK treatment issues
  • Provide evidence-based input of the UK perspective at a European and international level through EASO and WOF

If you are interested in joining then please complete the ASO Approved centre application form.

If you are aware of any colleagues who are not ASO members and may be interested in joining this important network please do ask them to get in touch.

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Useful Links

Exploring the evidence base for Tier 3 weight management interventions for adults: a systematic review.

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