Tackling Obesity: Empowering Adults and Children to Live Healthier Lives – A Year After the Publication of the 2020 Obesity Strategy

Event Type
Clinical Category
Childhood Obesity
Government Reports
Target Audience
Commissioners of care and other obesity interested organisation representatives
Healthcare professionals
Movement and Exercise professionals

A year after the publication of the government’s obesity strategy, this timely symposium will look at current efforts to implement the strategy, analyse its successes, explore where further action is required and pursue a more holistic understanding of the drivers of obesity.


  • Examine key gaps and opportunities in the government’s 2020 obesity strategy a year after its publication
  • Explore the link between poverty, inequality and obesity rates, and discuss how the correlation can be weakened
  • Analyse the efficacy of the Soft Drinks Industry Levy
  • Identify new strategies and areas not covered by the 2020 obesity strategy and explore how stakeholders can help deliver them
  • Discuss proposed advertising bans on HFSS foods in regards to both efficacy and implementation obstacles
  • Learn about how new technologies affect efforts to tackle obesity
  • Understand the prevalence of International inequalities in obesity rates and discuss international best practice
  • Examine strategies to deal with childhood obesity and whether early intervention helps in later years

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