Saving lives, saving resources: the economics of obesity

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Commissioners of care and other obesity interested organisation representatives
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There is much work to be done on understanding the consequences and impact of overweight and obesity on individuals, families, health systems and economies. To date, much of what we know about the economic impact of overweight and obesity come from studies in high-income countries, yet we know that the challenges we face are global and far-reaching.

World Obesity Federation (WOF) and Research Triangle Institute (RTI) International have joined forces to improve the quality, comparability and communicability of the economic evidence on the impact of overweight and obesity. In the first of a series of studies - due to published in BMJ Global Health – a new methodology to calculate the current and projected economic impact of overweight and obesity is piloted on 8 countries (Brazil, Mexico, Thailand, South Africa, India, Australia, Saudi Arabia & Spain). Join us, RTI, and World Obesity members for a lively discussion on the significance of these findings and what it means for global advocacy.

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