ASO Webinar: Weight Stigma: Insights from Research, Practice and Experience

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Weight stigma and discrimination
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Healthcare professionals

The intention of this webinar is to provide attendees with a multidisciplinary overview of the current and upcoming challenges of working in the prevention and treatment of obesity without unintentionally increasing weight stigma.

This ASO Webinar was held live on 27th May 2021. Please find below the videos for each presentation from the live event.


Welcome, Moritz Herle and Andrea Smith

Do conversations about weight have to be stigmatising?, Dr Paul Chadwick

Impact of weight stigma on health and wellbeing, Dr Sarah Jackson

Weight stigma as a barrier to seeking treatment + Insights from lived experience, Maggie Clinton & Suzy Taylor

Weight status, gestational weight gain and pregnancy, Amber Marshall

Obesity and weight stigma: Insights from young research advisors, Dr Simon Russell

Panel Discussion