ASO Webinar: Appetite and Obesity - insights from research and practice

Family eating
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Food, Nutrition and Diet
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Healthcare professionals

This ASO Webinar was held live on 25th March 2021. Please find below the videos for each presentation from the live event.

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Welcome and Introduction, Prof James Stubbs

Appetite and motivation in the treatment of obesity, Dr David Macklin

Appetite, energy intake and expenditure during weight change, Prof Corby Martin

Insight from a PLWO perspective, Lizzie Brown

Panel Discussion

Novo Nordisk has provided sponsorship to the Association for the Study of Obesity (ASO) to fully fund all costs for the development of this webinar, including creation, organisation, production and administration. Novo Nordisk has had no influence on the content and full editorial control remains the sole responsibility of ASO. None of the speakers have received a fee for their participation in this webinar, and ASO has been fully responsible for engaging with participants.