Clinical Practice and Obesity Management Sub-Committee

Chair: Dr Alex Miras

Committee Remit

  • Will produce a written report three times a year for consideration by The Board;
  • Overseeing and coordinating adult COM;
  • Establishing and overseeing a paediatric COM;
  • Best practice award;
  • SCOPE;
  • Providing articles & items for ASO newsletter or inviting ASO members to provide these articles and items;
  • Workshops and case studies;
  • Engagement with patients and patient groups;
  • Campaigning on key issues (e.g. access to services, obesity as a disease)

Committee members

Dr Alex Miras, Chair

Professor Rachel Batterham, Trustee Member, COMs Lead

Mary O'Kane, Trustee Member

Mr Ken Clare, Patient Representative

Dr Georgios Dimitriadis, Trustee Member