Research and Scientific Advisory Committee

Chair: Professor James Stubbs

Committee Remit

  • Will produce a written report three times a year for consideration by The Board;
  • Overseeing UKCO, including budget allocation and control, through close liaison with the Local Organising Committee;
  • The Early Career Researcher Network;
  • Awards and grants;
  • Providing articles & items for ASO newsletter or inviting ASO members to provide these articles and items;

Committee members

Professor James Stubbs, Chair

Dr Kath Roberts, Trustee Member, UKCO Officer

Dr Graham Finlayson, Trustee Member

Dr Abd Tahrani, Trustee Member

Dr Rebecca Richards, Trustee Member

Mr Ken Clare, Trustee Member

Pauline Oustric, Co-opted Member, Early Career Researcher

Cristiana Duarte, Co-opted Member, Early Career Researcher