Summer of Sport or #SummerOfJunkFoodAds?

Parents or carers in the UK are invited to share their views in a new survey.

Are you concerned about less healthy food and drink being marketed through sport?

Coca-Cola and the EUROs. McDonalds and the Olympics. Lionel Messi and Pepsi. Peter Crouch and Just Eat. Red Bull and Formula 1. KP Nuts and Cricket. With the Summer of Sport kicking off with large scale sporting events such as EURO 2020, Wimbledon, The Hundred and Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics coming to our screens, unfortunately that also means less healthy food and drink brands set their marketing strategies into overdrive to take advantage of the occasion.

Food Active and the Children’s Food Campaign have launched a new survey to find out what parents, carers and guardians in the UK think about the food industry using sport as a way to market less healthy food and drink options. If you live in the UK and have kids under 18, you can take part here: 

You can also tweet any examples of food and drink brands using sport to market their products you may find – tag @food_active @childrensfood and use the hashtag #SummerOfJunkFoodAds.