Finance, Governance and Membership Sub-Committee

Chair: Dr Maria Bryant

Committee Remit

  • Will consist of at least Chair, Treasurer and Secretary;
  • Will meet quarterly by teleconference to monitor, evaluate and review the day-to-day operational issues facing the Association;
  • Will produce a written report three times per year for consideration by The Board;
  • Considers the ASO financial situation and updates the trustees with a short monthly written report that outlines the key information required by trustees, including alerting trustees about financial risks;
  • Reviews the reserves policy and makes recommendations to The Board about changes to the reserves policy;
  • Receives and reviews membership figures and updates the trustees;
  • Updates governing documents in accordance with changes to legislation and notifies trustees of any changes;
  • Communicates with the Charity Commission and Auditors when necessary;
  • Developing, implementing and reviewing a sponsorship and income generation/diversification strategy;
  • Reviews memberships fees and makes recommendations to The Board

Committee members

Dr Maria Bryant, Chair

Mr Patrick McGinley, Treasurer

Dr David Hughes, Secretary

Dr Nicola Heslehurst, Trustee Member